Saturday, June 5, 2010

i couldnt help myself

I fell in love with these shoes. I was crying like crazy when the ad came out in the Nordstrom collector's catalog. I seriously fell in love.


Sorry with the obsessive blogging :(

Johnny Weir


Dude, Johnny, where is your show!? I'm waiting.

Seriously. During the Olympics, he was criticized for being "too gay" for figure skating. Jeez! Leave him and his fiercenees alone.
The gay community, divas, and young girls all support him. Johnny, is openly gay but keeps his sexuallity private? Yet, he's came out...
Anyway, he's still amazing and loved. Especially in South Korea. I mean serious-leh? Those chicks love him. It would be EPIC if he peformed with Gaga! That is my dream :)
With love
P.S.- Johnny, I love you!